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Mirour de l'Omme (redirected from Miroir de l'Omme)

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Miroir de l'Omme later changed to Speculum Meditantis by John Gower.


The title literally means Mankind's Mirror.


This 30,000 line poem is amongst the first works of John Gower. The poem explores the roles and morals of mankind.


Thanks to Eve Salisbury and her teams hard work for producing these PDFs.

Please keep in mind that each PDF is quite large so give it some time to load.

These PDFs are from The Complete Works of John Gower

Edited by G.C. Macaulay


Introduction PDF,  Speculum Meditantis (Mirour de l'Omme) Part 1 PDF, Speculum Meditantis (Mirour de l'Omme)  Part 2 PDF,  Balades PDF,  Traitie PDF, and Notes & Glossary PDF


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